Despite being born in Bayonne, New Jersey, Chris Ferretti is fluent in English.

Drawn to a career in the arts at a young age, Ferretti acted in several theatrical productions that no one ever saw.

Ferretti then studied theatre and marketing at the University of Rhode Island…which is as good of a recipe as any to become a bartender in Connecticut.

Working several jobs and bartending nights to make ends meet, Ferretti continued to perform in several productions, which ultimately led him to studying acting, directing, and playwrighting at The Actors Studio where he received his MFA and once shook hands with Bradley Cooper.

As an actor, Chris has won several awards including:

  • Best Supporting Actor in a Web Series (winner).
  • Best Ensemble Cast in a Web Series (winner).
  • Most Stolen Bagels from Craft Services on the Set of Rescue Me (nominated).

An avid writer, Chris has written and produced several plays and also penned a one man show, Voicemails From Purgatory, which details the comical insanity of growing up in a Irish / Italian dysfunctional family.

As a comedian, Chris performs at several comedy clubs throughout the NYC area.

Also, noted for his gift of mimicry, Chris frequently works in voice over and owns and operates his own voice over business at fiverr.

Most notably, Chris is known for his parallel parking skills and for making the best spaghetti and meatballs this side of the Hudson.